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saint Paul's church (english page)

Saint Paul's church


The Antwerp Saint Paul's Church is located in the old city center, a stone's throw from the river Scheldt, in the city district where the sailors used to live. The church was built in the 16th century as a Dominican monastery church.

Saint-Paul's Church is a late Gothic church on the Veemarkt in Antwerp, the heart of the "Schipperskwartier" (red-light district of Antwerp). After an eventful history, the church has a particularly valuable cultural heritage. It is dedicated to the apostle Paul and depends on the diocese of Antwerp.

The St. Paul's site which you can visit includes a church with cloisters, a blissful Lourdes Garden next to the monastery ruins, and a unique Calvary Garden with more than 60 statues.


The former kindergarten with three classes was built in the beginning of the 20th century on the courtyard of the monastery. It is thus surrounded by the monastery buildings.

The building has been renamed "La Scuola" by musicians. It is an ideal rehearsal and concert space. Thanks to perfect acoustics, music is played with passion and great quality. 

The school is also used intensively for lectures, meetings and receptions.

This is where the recitals organized by the Emmanuel Durlet Fund are performed. Emmanuel Durlet's grand piano, used during the many recitals, is located in this building.