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Board of Directors

Luc Leblanc, CHAIRMAN

In the past I met a fantastic pianist. He turned out to be a laureate of the Emmanuel Durlet piano competition. Due to circumstances I got to know him very well. He told me about the Emmanuel fund and Emmanuel's charming daughter, Andrea. She founded the Emmanuel Durlet fund in 1976 with the very noble aim of further popularizing her father's work. What are you going to do then…

I have been part of the fund as a director since 2017. I have since come to know it in depth and breadth…As chairman I have found a great challenge and I like it. Especially because I can count on great co-board members who's curriculum you can also find on this page.

Andrea Durlet, SECRETARY

On November 29, 1976, I founded the “Emmanuel Durlet-Fonds VZW” after discussing and considering it with my late father.

Willy Clijmans became chairman, accompanied by 14 founding members.

The non-profit organization was founded because I thought it was such a shame and unfair that my father's wonderful compositional work was no longer performed.

Since then, all his original works have been published as well as 8 CD's . Many recitals have been organized thanks to the efforts of our best musicians.

For 25 years (from 1979 to 2005) I actively participated in the organization of the “International Piano Competition Emmanuel Durlet”.

To all those who have supported me, I say sincere thanks!

Jan Peeters, TREASURER

It was in December 1976 that I, as a recent graduate, met Andrea Durlet at work. This is now 43 years ago. Barely a few months later, her father Emmanuel Durlet passed away. After that we didn't see each other for twenty years until we met again at a theater performance where promised each other never to loose contact again. Our friendship is forever. As a music lover with a predilection for the piano, I became a member of the Durlet foundation's Board and in this way got to know the work of Emmanuel Durlet better. I regularly attended recitals. The orchestral work for violin and piano, besides the beautiful piano music, surprised me the most. I consider my appointment as treasurer a great honor and fully enjoy the always warm and active presence of Andrea Durlet, who knows almost everyone in the classical Flemish music world and who always strives for her father's music.

Eliot Lawson, BOARD MEMBER (link)

I remember Andrea Durlet, the youngest daughter of the composer Emmanuel Durlet, very well and this since my early years. She was so tender and endearing, giving me great and positive energy. When I was a youngster I started playing the violin and Andrea followed my progress with great interest.

Many years later, Andrea told me that her father had composed a concerto for violin and orchestra. This totally surprised me because her father was a great pianist and had composed numerous works for piano. A few years later I performed his compositions for violin and recorded them on CD.

I am a huge fan of Emmanuel Durlet (and his daughter Andrea). My main objective to join the Durlet foundation's Board is the aim of promoting his music worldwide. It is too good to be forgotten!

Polina Chernova, BOARD MEMBER(link)

A few years ago, during a recital by the pianist Kiyotaka Izumi, I heard piano miniatures by a then to me unknown composer, Emmanuel Durlet. His works made a deep impression on me, especially since in the 20th century one would expect that all melodies have already been written.

When most composers parted ways with the classical tradition, Emmanuel Durlet revived traditional forms. He managed to find his own very personal and recognizable inspired musical language.

Since then I started to perform Durlet's works myself and got to know his daughter, Andrea, well. When I received a request to support the operation of the Durlet Foundation as a member of the Board, I gladly accepted.

Kiyotaka Izumi, BOARD MEMBER (link)

In the year 2002 I had the good fortune and pleasure to perform piano works by Emmanuel Durlet as well as to meet his youngest daughter, Andrea. The transparent poetic timbre of Emmanuel Durlet's piano works immediately appealed to me.

Melancholy and melodic line by Chopin, colorful and delicate harmonies by Debussy, this is Durlet's music that enchants all listeners. His daughter, Andrea, has been passionate about her father's promotion all her life. I have great respect for her work. I will be very happy to support her. It is also an honor for me to promote Durlet's music.