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About the Association

Painted by Hendrik Strick (link), 1919

“Emmanuel Durlet, with his extraordinary pianistic gift, should have been recognized as one of the greatest pianists of his time. If his name had been Durletsky, it would certainly have succeeded.”

quote by Lodewijk Mortelmans (1868-1952), the composition teacher of Emmanuel Durlet,

according to the testimony of Cécile Radoux, the granddaughter of Lodewijk Mortelmans  and his wife Gabrielle Mortelmans-Radoux.

Lodewijk Mortelmans (link),

Teacher ‘Composition’ of Emmanuel Durlet

The “Emmanuel Durlet Foundation" npa was founded on November 29, 1976. Its purpose is to keep the person and work of Emmanuel Durlet alive and to make it as widely known as possible.

Since its foundation, this association has published more than 130 works by Emmanuel Durlet and released two LP's. In 1992 a CD was released with the concerto for piano and orchestra “Medieval sproke” by Emmanuel Durlet and the “Symphonic Poem” for piano and orchestra by Peter Benoit, in a by Emmanuel Durlet reworked piano version.

In 1996 the association released a CD with piano works by Emmanuel Durlet, performed by Luc Devos.

In 1999 a second CD with piano works, performed by Maria Parshina was released, and in 2005 a CD with works by Chopin and Durlet, performed by Kiyotaka Izumi was released.

In 2008, Edoardo Torbianelli performed work by Flemish harpsichordists of the 18th century in a transcription for piano by Emmanuel Durlet. This music was also released on CD.

During 2014/2015 three CD's with work by Emmanuel Durlet were released:

  • In 2014 a CD with the Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, performed by  Eliot Lawson (violin), accompanied by the “Euregio Youth Orchestra” conducted by Hans Casteleyn. This CD also contains the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra “Medieval Sproke” performed by Emmanuel Durlet himself (historical recording from 1960), accompanied by the BRT Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Daniel Sternefeld.
  • The second CD (also released in 2014) is an edition of "Brilliant Classics" and contains the Sonata for Piano and Violin, the work for cello and piano as well as various piano works that were not yet on CD, including the "19 Old Flemish melodies and dances" and the "Paraphrase on 'My Mother's Speech by Peter Benoit". Performers were: Kiyotaka Izumi (piano), Eliot Lawson (violin) and David Cohen (cello).
  • A third CD was released in 2015 with piano works composed by Emmanuel Durlet for young students, beautifully played by the Japanese/Belgian pianist Kiyotaka Izumi.

Since 1979, the Foundation actively promotes the three-yearly “International Prize Emmanuel Durlet for Piano”, organized by the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp (link). This competition was founded in 1978 under the impulse of Juliane Castro, a former student of Emmanuel Durlet.

Through these activities and also thanks to the support of the “Cantabile Piano Competition for Youth”, the association has succeeded in distributing and performing the works of Emmanuel Durlet worldwide. In more than 200 Belgian music academies and 80 Belgian and foreign music conservatories and colleges, his studies and work play a role in the training of young pianists.